Yogurt Based Paint

Toddler teachers are always searching for new activities that will appeal to their young charges, but also keep them safe. While teacher supply manufacturers have attempted to create non-toxic craft materials, it makes teachers feel better when they can use supplies made from all-natural ingredients they know won't hurt their students if ingested. April, stay-at-home mom and Blissfully Domestic blog contributor, has shared a wonderful recipe for paint made from plain yogurt and food coloring that is guaranteed non-toxic and safe for your toddlers.

How to Make Yogurt Paint:

  1. Put two to three tablespoons of plain (or vanilla) yogurt into shallow dishes. April suggests using egg cartons; one for each student or group of students.
  2. Mix in one to three drops of food coloring and mix well. This can be a great opportunity to teach your students about hue and saturation or about mixing colors to create new shades.

Using Yogurt Paint

Yogurt paint can be used in the same way as regular paint. Give your students brushes and an easel, ask students to get dirty and use their fingers, or provide natural objects for students to explore stamping. This craft can also provide a great opportunity for your students to practice tracing letters, numbers, etc. by putting a roll of wax paper over the table.

Toddler Safe Crafts - Yogurt Paint!