Which Cookie Do You Like Best? - Election Themed Bulletin Board

November Election Day and Social Studies Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: jessicaywinston.blogspot.com

Similar to Monday's feature, this adorable election themed bulletin board designed by Jessica, second grade teacher and creator of Ms. Winston's Blog, provides a fabulous hands-on exploration of the electoral process! With its social studies and math connections, as well as its sweet treat taste-testing component, we know this exercise will be a hit with both you and your kiddos!

Which Cookie Do You Like Best?

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Favorite First Lady Cookie!", "Which Cookie Do You Like Best?", "Vote For Your Favorite Cookie!", etc.
  • Border: Patriotic trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Candidates. Print a copy of Jessica's First Lady cookie recipes onto white card stock, mounting each onto a piece of colored construction and adding a photo of the cookie or a handmade construction paper cutout of the cookie. 2) The Election Theme. It looks like Jessica used the Patriotic Stick Kids bulletin board set from Creative Teaching Press and Carson Dellosa's Vote! chart, however you can certainly create your own look with a different store-bought patriotic bulletin board set, printed clip art, or handcrafted elements! 3) The Election Results. Jessica provides printable ballots {provided you use the same cookies/recipes!} for your students to fill out and turn in once they've had a chance to sample each of the cookies. Once all votes have been cast, tally the results and display them in graph form on the bulletin board!