We're "Hooked" On Our Class Fish Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Welcome Elementary Fish Themed Bulletin Board idea

Because a teacher's time is precious (and very limited at times!), it is important that bulletin board decorations offer versatility and, if called for, easily modified to fit a new purpose. This fish-themed display provides just that! Use it to add color to the classroom and remind students that they're an integral part of the learning environment, as the creator does, or with a simple title change, use it to excite your students about new classroom themes or units (e.g. Mrs. Nelson's Class Is "Hooked" On Reading!)

Fish Crafts

While the creator of this bulletin board chose to design the fish decorations themselves, it can also be fun to get your students involved! Here are a few ways to spice up craft time with fish crafts!

Create fish cutouts using a black and white clip art image or a coloring page printed onto card stock. You could also freehand a template to trace onto card stock (these will be less detailed and will allow your students a bit more creative freedom), then:

  • Provide students with a fish cutout, shallow bowls of tempera paint, and a small section of bubble wrap. Invite them to create multicolored (scaly!) fish with bubble wrap prints.
  • Set out shallow containers of school glue, paint brushes, and small, multicolored fish tank pebbles. Encourage your students to cover their fish cutouts with glue (using the paint brushes) then add the fun, sensory stones. Consider talking about patterning, complimentary colors, or even warm/cold colors!
  • Prepare several large bowls with art tissue paper "scales" in an assortment of bright colors. Invite your students to collage their fish cutouts with these pieces. (NOTE: These fish collages would look nice using colorfully patterned crafting or scrapbook papers too!)

We're "Hooked" On Our Class Bulletin Board

  • Background: Blue background paper.
  • Title: "We're 'Hooked' On our Class" or "Our Class is 'Hooked' on _________________ (e.g. Reading, Science, etc.)"
  • Border: Use an under-the-sea themed border or a solid orange trimmer. You might also consider continuing the bubbles around the outside of the display.
  • Decoration: 1) The Fish. Use your students' creations. 2) The Fishing Pole. Purchase a long bamboo stick from your local craft store or tightly roll a long piece of brown bulletin board paper to create a fishing pole. Use thick colored yarn for the fishing lines and cut out hooks from gray construction paper or fashion them from gray duct tape. 3) The Bubbles. Cut circles of various sizes from white construction paper or computer paper.
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