Using Flowers As An Art Tool

Because preschoolers rely on sensory exploration to learn, your classroom's craft time should be littered with a variety of colors, shapes, mediums, and textures. A great way to explore different textures while bringing spring into your artwork is to use flowers (fake or real) as a painting tool.

  1. Visit your local craft store or take a walk outside and collect various flowers (large, small, intricate, simple, etc.) to make paint prints.
  2. Collect your art supplies including various colors of tempera paint, colorful construction paper, and shallow paint dishes.
  3. Prepare shallow dishes of paint (one of each color for each group of four students).
  4. Allow your students to pick a piece of colored construction paper along with three different blooms and get started creating fun textured artwork!

These projects provide colorful decoration for classroom walls, can double as a gift for Mother's day, and will stretch your students' imaginations. A fun extension might be to hold up a finished project and have your students (except for the creator of the art) guess which flower made which print or discuss which colors might have been mixed to create the one displayed in the project.

Fox Toy Box: Spring Painting with Flowers