Unconventional Painting Method for Preschool

If you feel that your classroom painting process is getting old and uninspired, try this wonderful craft idea from Deborah J. Stewart at Teach Preschool. Your students will love it!

Supplies You'll Need
- Recycled cardboard box
- Tempera paint in assorted colors
- Craft paper
- Golf ball, ping pong ball, or other round object
- Tape

Begin by lining the bottom of the cardboard box with a sheet of white craft or drawing paper. Choose several complimentary paint colors, placing a small drop of each in the center of the paper. Add a golf ball to the box, close the flaps (and tape the to make sure the "mess" stays inside the box), and hand it off to your students to push, kick, and move around the classroom. Not only will your students have fun with this unconventional painting method, they'll be sure to burn off their extra energies so they can focus the rest of the day! And, of course, the results will be display-worthy!

For pictures and other great information be sure to check out the rest of Stewart's blog!

Kick box painting with toddlers

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