Tree of Knowledge - Classroom Wall Decoration

Literacy and Reading Bulletin Board Idea
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We love this wall decoration/bulletin board we found at Pop & Lolli. They actually sell the mural {the pieces are fabric stickers - how cool is that?!}, but we thought you could also create the pieces from bulletin board and construction paper, and thought it would make a great addition to any early childhood learning space!

Simply create a tree trunk from brown bulletin board paper, cut letters from various shades of green construction paper, and arrange the letter tree onto the chosen surface. [If it's a bulletin board, add some light blue background paper and a colorful pattern border or literacy themed trimmer.] It's that simple! If you want more visual interest, you might consider adding several colorful apples or other fruit cutouts, maybe even some bird cutouts, etc.

Supplies for this bulletin board...

Of course, you could also just purchase the wall mural from Pop & Lolli - it's less work and they're super cute!