The Wonderful World of Seuss! - Dr. Seuss Classroom Display

Dr Seuss Classroom Display and Bulletin Board Idea
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While this isn't technically a bulletin board display, it was too stinkin' cute not to pass along! Whether you're looking for a cute accent for your Seuss-themed classroom or a fun decoration to put up for Seuss' birthday/Read Across America, this gorgeous wreath created by Kami over at Kami Buchanan Custom Designs would look Seuss-tactular as a welcome display - on the door or outside the classroom - or even adapted as a bulletin board!

If adapting the wreath as a bulletin board...

The Wonderful World of Seuss!

  • Background: Cover the bulletin board with white bulletin board paper, adding strips of red bulletin board paper to create a striped effect.
  • Title: "The Wonderful World of Seuss!"
  • Border: Use a variety of colorful ribbons - and perhaps scrunched strips of bulletin board paper to add depth - to create a nice thick border around the entire board.
  • Decoration: Cut circles of various sizes from blue and yellow construction paper, arranging them around the board. Print the covers of your favorite Seuss reads and add them to the display. If you still have free space, you might consider adding cutouts of your favorite Seuss characters - 1) use your classroom projector system to enlarge and trace clip art, 2) print, color, and cut out black and white clip art images/coloring pages, or 3) purchase Seuss accents.