Reading Takes You Places! - Elementary Bulletin Board Display

Dr. Seuss, Reading, and Read Across America Elementary Bulletin Board Idea
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Lori Zitzelberger of Mud Pie Studio created this brilliant board for Valentine's Day and converted it into fabulous display for Dr. Seuss's birthday/reading month. {That's what we call getting extra mileage out of a bulletin board design!} The colorful book covers, vibrant title, and cutesy train theme makes it a great display for any early learning space! 

Reading Takes You Places Bulletin Board

  • Background: Natural butcher paper.
  • Title: "Reading Takes You Places!"
  • Border: None needed.
  • Decoration: 1) The Engine. Cut the train engine shape from brown bulletin board paper (a simple rectangle with a square on top), cutting a window and adding a rectangle smokestack, a cow pusher (the grate on the front of the train), and wheels to the cutout. Think of a fun name for your train. Lori used "Bubbles & Bunnytails EXPRESS" because the display was located in the hallway and that was the procedure that students followed when going places - catch a bubble in your mouth (ensures quiet) and make a bunnytail (ensures that students keep their hands behind their backs, not touching other students or things in the hallway). For a finishing touch, cut puffs of smoke from white construction or background paper. To go along with the reading theme, you might also consider adding a cutout of the Cat's hat to the smokestack like Lori did. It adds a nice pop of color and is a great Dr. Seuss accent! 2) The Train Cars. Use 9" x 12" sheets of construction paper in assorted colors to create the train cars. Add a brown stripe, as well as a student's name, to each train car. It looks like Lori used the letter negatives created using a personal cutting/die cut machine, but you could also use letter stickers. Add wheels to each car and connect them using pieces of brown yarn. To go along with the reading theme, add copies of book covers to each train car.