Hats Off To Dr. Seuss! - Read Across America Classroom Door Decoration

Read Across America Dr. Seuss Reading and Literacy Door Bulletin Board Idea
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In honor of Read Across America week and Dr. Seuss's birthday, Leslie Ann, first grade teacher and creator of the blog Life in First Grade, designed this fantastic Cat in the Hat themed door display that would make a great addition to any early childhood classroom!

The Cat's Hat Crafts

To reproduce Leslie Ann's board, print the Cat's hat coloring pages onto white card stock, color alternating stripes with red marker or paint, then cut out each hat and arrange on the door. It might be fun to have your students help you with this task in the week leading up March's Read Across America, printing student names at the bottom of their creations.

You might also consider changing the art medium in order to display hats of various styles and textures for an added sensory appeal:

  • Have students cut and assemble hats from red and white felt.
  • Provide students with small squares of red and white art tissue paper to twist and collage onto the card stock coloring page cutouts.
  • Have students cover alternating stripes on the card stock coloring page cutouts with red and white sugar crystals (salt or sand can also be used).

If you don't have the time leading up to Seuss's birthday and Read Across America week, you could also purchase hat cutouts from a teacher supply store!

"Hat's Off To Dr. Seuss!" Display

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Hats Off To Dr. Seuss!"
  • Border: Cat in the Hat border.
  • Decoration: Arrange your students' hat crafts on the door, adding a large Cat in the Hat cutout next to the door. If you're ambitious {and a good artist!}, you might consider free-handing the cutout or you could find a black and white print online that can be enlarged using your classroom projector system and traced. Of course, you could also just purchase a giant Cat in the Hat cutout as well!

While simple, we really like the design and theme of this display. If this doesn't get your students excited about reading, we don't know what will! :)

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