Let Your Imagination Take You There! - Dr. Seuss Reading Bulletin Board

Dr Seuss and Read Across America Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: deveyfamily.blogspot.com

We're kicking off our Dr. Seuss feature line-up with this fabulous design from Alison over at Devey Family! A great addition to either a classroom or library, we love that it's not tailored to a specific book title and that it offers a whimsical theme as well as a positive message for Seuss Week/Read Across America!

Let Your Imagination Take You There!

  • Background: Cover the entire bulletin board with bright blue bulletin board paper. Scrunch strips of green background paper stapling them to the bottom of the bulletin board to create 'grass'.
  • Title: "Let Your Imagination Take You There!"
  • Border: Dr. Seuss themed trimmer or complimentary patterned border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Seuss Characters. Create your own Cat in the Hat + Seuss character cutouts using your classroom projector system! Simply find clip art/coloring page images to enlarge and trace onto white background paper, then paint and cut! For a similar Cat in the Hat image check out this decal at Mama's Magination Shop and to create the children we found two different ideas: Cat in the Hat Sally and Conrad or Cat in the Hat Sally and Nick. Of course, you could also elect to purchase a bulletin board set. The Cat in the Hat Large Characters bulletin board set {pictured below} looks like it would work well for this display/design!

    Dr Seuss Bulletin Board Set and Bulletin Board Idea
    Photo Source: mpmschoolsupplies.com

    2) The Imagination Bubbles. Create thought bubbles from white construction paper. Add a book cover or character from your kiddos' favorite books to each thought bubble, scrunching white tissue paper to fill in the the space around the image {if desired} to create a three-dimensional look. Arrange the imagination bubbles around the Cat in the Hat cutout.