Seusstastic' Silhouettes - Read Across America Bulletin Board

Read Across America Bulletin Board Idea

We're sure you're busy preparing for your Read Across America celebration next week, but if you haven't decided on a bulletin board, here's a fun (and simple!) design that also doubles as a cute activity!

'Seusstastic' Silhouettes

  • Background: Cover the bulletin board with white bulletin board paper. Cut strips of red bulletin board paper and use them to create stripes.
  • Title: "Seusstastic Silhouettes!"
  • Border: Dr. Seuss themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: Find images of your favorite Dr. Seuss characters, using your classroom projector system to enlarge and trace the images onto black bulletin board paper. Cut out each traced image - creating a silhouette for each character - and arrange around the bulletin board. Add a number or letter label to each silhouette. For a fun intro activity, provide students with a cute handout or simply have them number/letter a piece of paper, and invite them to see how many Seuss characters they can name simply by looking at the silhouettes!

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