"Thanksgiving Logic!" Interactive Holiday Math Bulletin Board Idea

Interactive Thanksgiving Math Bulletin Board Idea

I used to love logic puzzles as a kid - and still do as an adult! That's one of the reasons why this interactive holiday bulletin board designed by Kutztown University's Chris Kavcak caught my eye. Not only is it festive, it features a fun logic puzzle that will sharpen your kiddos' problem solving skills!

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner...

Thanksgiving is about food, family, and fun! For many families, it's a chance to see out of town relatives and extended family - meaning dinner parties can get loud and crowded. Pulling from this theme, Chris created a logic problem that will introduce students to Dayna and her party guests and invite students to determine who's who and how each character on the board is related to Dayna! Fun, right!?

To complete the activity, students are provided with a clue worksheet that they'll use to solve and record the answer to the logic problem. With their solution in hand, students are then invited to correctly label each character on the board, then lift the character flaps to see if they were correct!

[NOTE: Be sure to visit Chris' page to get more directions and the printable activity sheet!]

Thanksgiving Logic

  • Background: Orange bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Thanksgiving Logic!"
  • Border: Thanksgiving themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Table. Cut a simple rectangle from brown bulletin board paper, attaching it to the center of the bulletin board, to create the 'table'. 2) The Characters. Find a picture or clip art image to represent each character in the logic puzzle and print the picture onto white card stock for sturdiness. Fold a large piece of construction paper in half (hamburger style), one for each picture, and paste the photos onto the paper making sure the folded edge is at the top of the image. Leaving the folded edge intact, cut around the outside of the picture to create a little flap that, when attached, will allow students to flip up the picture to reveal answers beneath. Attach the characters in their proper place around the Thanksgiving 'table' cutout. 3) The Interactive Part. Above each character, place a strip of Velcro. Use card stock and construction paper to create name cards. Laminate the cards to reduce wear and tear then attach the second half of the Velcro strip to the back of each card. 4) The Extras. Fill the empty spaces on the board with Thanksgiving themed cutouts.