Take Me To Your 'Readers' - Space Themed Bulletin Board

Elementary Space Theme Bulletin Board Idea
Photo © 2010 Enokson, Flickr

We recently stumbled across these awesome space themed posters created for a junior high library and we thought they would look great in the classroom too! With vibrant colors, fun sayings, and cutesy graphics, we know your 'earthlings' will love them! 

Take Me To Your 'Readers'

Originally created for a library, the sayings - "Earthlings, Take Me To Your Readers", "Explore The Final Frontier - Your Library", and "We Have A Galaxy of Great Books" - are generic enough that they can be tailored to fit your classroom as well! It looks like the original creators used a personal cutting machine to create the elements, but you could get a similar look either by drawing your own {if you're an artist} or using templates found online. Stars. Aliens. Spaceships. Rockets. Even a space dog! Created from brightly colored card stock and mounted onto black background paper, you'll get a similar effect. We like the idea of creating the various posters, but you could also combine the three displays to create a larger space themed board!

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