"Stick It" To Bullying! Bulletin Board Idea

{October is National Bullying Prevention Month so we thought we’d bring you some different designs that you could use in your classroom or even school-wide!}

Bullying Prevention Activity and Bulletin Board Idea

While this isn't necessarily a new idea, we thought it would be a BIG hit with your students! As a way to 'stick it' to bullying and pledge to work together to build a healthy learning community, have your students design a unique and colorful anti-bullying bumper sticker to share. As shown above (with several bumper sticker examples), these can then be collected and used to create a colorful classroom display!

A few ideas...

  • While the project itself is sure to be fun, you might consider building the excitement level (and commitment to the project) by holding a contest where the student with the best design wins a prize - i.e. a no homework pass, sit with a buddy day, etc! Once all the designs are submitted, invite the other teachers on your floor to take a look and vote for their favorite design.
  • This is an excellent idea for the classroom, but we also think it would be fabulous to collaborate and make it a school-wide project! Not only is it something that we think various age groups would really be able to get in to, it also go a long way to furthering a sense of community across classrooms and grade levels!

"Stick It" To Bullying!

  • Background: Light blue bulletin board paper (or a color of your choice).
  • Title: "Stick It" To Bullying!
  • Border: Complimentary patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: Since students are creating bumper stickers, we thought a car theme would tie in nicely. We suggest using background paper to create the actual rear end of a car (frame, window, bumper, license plate, brake lights, etc.) or doing something similar to the mock-up above and using your classroom projector system to enlarge and trace the clip art image of a vehicle that, stereotypically, has been seen to sport lots of bumper stickers or decorations - like the VW bus. As an added detail, we thought it might be fun to put the bulletin board title on the car cutout, creating a 'spray paint' effect with markers or paint. To finish off the display, add all of your students' colorful bumper sticker creations!