Star Students Behavior Tracker Bulletin Board & Wall Display

Elementary Behavior Management Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Flickr | Have Fun Teaching

We found this awesome behavior management board while perusing the Flickr gallery of Have Fun Teaching, a website dedicated to providing early childhood teachers with free resources and worksheets to use in the classroom. We love the idea of using ribbon sliders and also appreciate that the board puts more emphasis on positive behavior rather than negative!

Behavior Tracker

At the beginning of the day, each student's marker is placed at zero. For excellence in the classroom and good behavior, students can reach five "star" levels {e.g. gain up to five points}...

  • 1 - Shimmer
  • 2 - Twinkle
  • 3 - Sparkle
  • 4 - Glow
  • 5 - Radiant

For misbehavior students, have points deducted, of course.

Star Students Behavior Tracker

The original display was created out of poster board, but we think the design would look super cute on a bulletin board as well. Taking from the star theme, we pulled together some of our favorite products that we think would offer the right mixture of fun, color, and practicality...

Elementary Behavior Management Bulletin Board Idea

  • Background: Any bright color bulletin board paper. All of the 'color swatches' above, look great with the colorful star border!
  • Title: "Star Students!", "______________ [Room 203, Mrs. Nelson's Class, Kindergarten, etc.] Shines Bright!", etc.
  • Border: Star themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Behavior Tracker. Purchase or create colorful star cutouts, punching holes at the top and bottom and scripting a student's name onto each cutout, then thread a piece of ribbon through the holes. Attach the ribbon to the bulletin board. Using word processing software or a marker and a piece of bulletin board paper, print the various behavior/point levels that students will be working to reach each day. 2) The Rules. This board can double as a guidelines/classroom rules board as well. Use word processing software to print out each rule or use a marker to script them onto pieces of card stock, mount the mini posters onto colorful construction paper, and arrange the guidelines on the bulletin board.

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