Spring Unit - Fun with Birds!

Spring and Easter Science Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo ©2007 greenacre8, Flickr

One of my favorite signs of spring is the return of the birds that have migrated south for the winter. To get in the spirit of spring, we found this cute bird lesson from Amanda over at Naturally Chic Mama and thought it would make a great addition to your lesson plans! While you'll have to visit her blog for the full list of activities, here are a few of our favorites...

  • Cookies...they're for the birds! We love that Amanda and her boys made cookies for the birds! This can be a super fun activity to do with your preschoolers. Talk about what birds like to eat, then have them help you mix and form cookies from the dough. You'll have to tote them home to bake, but your kiddos will be delighted to find the perfect tree placement for their gift to the birds!
  • Bird watching. With your treats ready and waiting, take time each day to observe the wildlife/birds your offerings attract. Talk about the qualities of a good bird watcher - ability to be quiet, ability to use binoculars properly, knowledge of birds in the area, etc. Arm your kiddos with their bird watching tools - binoculars and a flip book of the most popular birds in your area - and head out. You might consider having your students keep track of all their findings in their science journals. Each day, have them draw/record how much of their bird cookies are left, the number of birds they observed, if they saw any other animals, etc.

For literature suggestions, a great craft, the recipe for bird cookies, and lots of other great lesson ideas - be sure to visit Naturally Chic Mama!