Simple Baby Chick Craft for Easter

Easter Baby Chick Craft
Photo Source: Lovely Commotion

Looking for a last minute craft to complete with your little ones this Easter? Look no further! This baby chick craft featured by Ashley over at Lovely Commotion would be a perfect last-minute addition to your Easter lesson plans.

Baby Chick Craft


Paper plates

Yellow washable paint

Wiggle eyes

Orange construction paper (precut into feet & beaks)


Yellow feathers

Cotton balls


Provide each of your students with a paper plate and a cotton ball that has been attached to a clothespin (for painting). Have them use their cotton ball 'paint brushes' to cover their paper plates with yellow paint. Allow the paint to dry.

Once the paint has dried, have your students glue on two wiggle eyes, a beak and two feet (both the feet and beaks will need to be precut from orange constructions paper and ready to go). Finish the cute little chick by taping a yellow feather to the back of the plate at the top.

Easter Baby Chick Craft Completion Steps
Photo Source: Lovely Commotion

This craft provides a perfect opportunity for toddlers and younger preschoolers to work on placement of facial features (with the wiggle eyes and nose). Hang the completed works of art around your class for a super cute Easter display!

And be sure to head over to Lovely Commotion for additional classroom inspiration!