Science Fair Tips

Whether an experienced science fair candidate or a new participant, these tips from SchooDoodle, contributor for The Apple, will help to make this year more successful!

Project Displays

The key is to make your project stand out. While everyone will have some sort of poster or project board with pictures and blurbs on research methods, bring a color coordinated sheet or piece of fabric to cover the display table. This will work to bring your own project presentation together, while setting it apart from those displayed on either side. Additionally, use varying letter sizes, colored backing for typed material, and an assortment of graphs, pictures, and diagrams to maintain visual interest.
Because you never know what will happen during transport, put together an 'emergency kit' for impromptu repairs. Items may include, but are not limited to: craft glue, tape, extra letters, kids scissors, paint, markers, construction paper (matching the project board and accent pieces), etc.

Tips to Remember

  1. Use contrasting colors for visual effect
  2. Incorporate photos of procedures and results
  3. Display models where appropriate
  4. Find creative ways to display pertinent data without overcrowding or creating an imbalance on the display

For more science fair 'dos and don'ts', be sure to read SchooDoodles's full article!

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