Reindeer Antlers


Here's a festive holiday craft that's sure to bring a few giggles and a precious classroom photo opportunity - reindeer antlers! You'll find this craft so successful, it'll become a Christmas tradition for sure!

Supplies You'll Need

Send a note home to parents explaining the craft and asking for them to provide their child with a red, white, or green plastic headband (keep a few extra on hand just in case a child forgets theirs on craft day!).

Provide students with antler templates and a Wonderfoam® sheet in the color of their choice (red, white, or green). As the class gets started tracing and cutting out their antlers, dismiss one group of students at a time to come up and get a ribbon glued onto their headband to create a striped, "candy cane" effect (e.g. on a red headband, glue a white or green ribbon). [NOTE: Because a low-temp glue gun is involved, students will need adult assistance. Also, if a student brings in a headband of a different color, all you'll need to do is glue two ribbons of different colors around the band to get the Christmas candy cane effect. See the directions at Craft Elf.]

If you desire, provide each table with a shallow dish of iridescent white glitter, a shallow dish of washable school glue, and paint brushes. Have them coat their antler cutouts with a light layer of glue, sprinkling glitter over the wet adhesive, then set aside to dry. Overnight, assemble each child's antler headbands, then take a class picture the next day in class. You might consider completing the ensemble by painting each child's nose black (or red for Rudolph!) for the picture. These make a great cover for your classroom Christmas card to each family!

Christmas Craft: make antlers from craft foam and ribbon; Craft Elf