Pumpkin Labeling Craftivity

Fall Pumpking Labeling Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: kindertastic.blogspot.com

Pumpkin season, along with a chance for sensory exploration, offers a great opportunity for practice with labeling. Check out this adorable craftivity from Judy over at KinderTastic that will have your preschoolers learning about and labeling the parts of a pumpkin. A few things we love - how Judy had her students use actual pumpkin seeds and how they mimicked pumpkin pulp with yarn!


  • Assign a number to each part of the pumpkin and provide students with a game die, inviting them to play Roll-a-Pumpkin. Once they've collected all the pieces, have them assemble their pumpkins. This will provide some counting and number practice!
  • Add in some letter/handwriting practice, creating tracer labels.

For this activity and lots of other great lesson ideas, be sure to visit KinderTastic!

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