Promoting A Drug-Free Future! Train Themed Health Bulletin Board Idea

Motivational Drug Free Kindergarten Classroom Bulletin Board
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The message to stay drug-free is not just for high school students. This creative kindergarten teacher {and creator of} agreed, communicating its importance to her students in a way they could understand and appreciate. Due to the display's colorful graphics, catchy slogans, ever-important message, and student participation, this classroom won the "Best Door/Display Award" for the entire school!

Stay on the Right Track
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Drug-Free Door & Display

  • Background: Blue bulletin board paper for the door.
  • Title: "Stay on the Right Track" scripted on the door and "Choo-Choo-Choose to be Drug Free!" printed on a smoke cloud above the train. Use prefabricated bulletin board letters or black paint and a paint brush to write the messages by hand.
  • Decorations: Create a backdrop of rolling hills from green background paper that covers the bottom of the door and extends on either side. Use black paint and a paint brush to paint a train track along the 'hillside'. Draw and cut out a train engine to head up the cars, then on white card stock, draw and photocopy the shape of a train car. These copies should then be passed out to your students to decorate. Ask them to complete the following phrase when illustrating their train cars, "Instead of drugs, I would rather be doing/do...", then cut them out and adhere them to the track. The finishing touches will be the smoke billows created from white bulletin board paper or gray bulletin board paper.

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