Poem On A Bag - Activities for Students & Their Families

Fall Poetry Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: www.sharonmacdonald.com

Looking for a way to get parents involved in their kiddos' education? Here's an excellent idea from Sharon MacDonald, combining poetry, crafts, and fun! She calls it - poem on a bag. It's simple enough to create and can be customized to fit any theme or unit.

Start by selecting a poem that goes along with your learning unit or theme. Type it up and have your kiddos paste it onto a brown paper lunch sack. Inside the bag, include instructions for several fun activities that your students can do together with their families. For example, to go along with her autumn theme poem on a bag, here are a few of the activities that MacDonald includes...

  • Preserve fall leaves
  • Create a leaf collage
  • Draw a progression of the changing seasons
  • Read The Giving Tree and discuss how trees are useful to animals and people
  • Go outside, rake leaves into a pile, and jump in them

Sending them home at the beginning of the week, give students and their families the opportunity to explore some of the activities in the bag (perhaps a week or two), then invite your students to bring them back to school along with project samples, a picture of the activity, or a write-up of the exercise written together with their parents/siblings.

Here's the great news - Sharon offers several poem on a bag printables along with activity instructions all ready to go and free to download at her website! Her autumn printables are pictured above. So be sure to visit her site for these and other goodies!!