Plants and Rooting Hormone: Is It Effective?

Elementary Botany Science Fair Project
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For all the future botanists out there, Science Projects Lab put together a great project that examines the effectiveness of rooting hormone - a chemical substance thought to increase the odds of plant propagation {i.e. growing new plants from the cuttings of a mature plant}. The project invites students to compare three separate groups; with each group containing ten cuttings/prospective plants. The first - the control group - is placed in regular water, while commercial rooting hormone is added to the second test group and a natural substance, willow water {which is known to improve the success rate of root incubation}, is added to the third group of cuttings.

Over the next two or three weeks, students are invited to study the effects and draw their own conclusions! As always, there are sure to be other substances - natural and manufactured - that claim to increase the odds of root growth and survival. For a more rounded project, be sure to do the research and expand the experiment if plausible!

For the full project details, be sure to visit Science Projects Lab!

[NOTE: The above picture comes from an article over at Ewa in the Garden about propagating hydrangeas!]