Picture Books & Vocabulary - Literacy Bulletin Board Decoration

Elementary Literacy Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: primaryinspired.blogspot.com

Melissa of F is for First Grade designed this fantastic literacy bulletin board idea that would work great for any early childhood classroom or library. {We found it via Brenda at Primary Inspired.} Simply compile a list of literature to be used throughout the year {in lessons or for fun}, choose several key vocabulary words from each, and display year round! Not only will this remind your kiddos of the great book selections studied during the year, it'll provide them with a list of words to pay attention to when reading as well as incorporate in their own vocabulary/writing.

Picture Book Vocabulary

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper. You might also choose a different color based on the theme of your classroom!
  • Title: "Vocabulary", "Word Wall", etc. - If your classroom has a theme, consider tailoring the title to fit it. For instance, to go with a jungle theme you might consider, "Bananas About Vocabulary!", "Wild Words!", etc.
  • Border: Complimentary solid trimmer or language arts themed bulletin board border. Again, you might consider your classroom theme when selecting a border.
  • Decoration: Create picture book/vocabulary cards like the ones at Primary Inspired. You'll need a picture of each book cover on your reading list as well as the list of focus vocabulary words from each selection. Use word processing software to create and print the cards onto card stock to laminate or simply make them yourself - printing the pictures, pasting them onto cards, and scripting the appropriate words next to each cover. Arrange the cards around the bulletin board.
    Elementary Literacy Vocabulary Bulletin Board Idea
    Photo Source: primaryinspired.blogspot.com

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How do you help your kiddos remember important vocabulary words? We'd love to hear about it, so be sure to leave us a comment below!

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