Making Wish Stockings

Christmas Fine Motor and Literacy Preschool Lesson Plan
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Wish stockings are a great way to build fine motor as well as literacy skills. We found this great exercise over at La-La's Home Daycare. Start by providing your kiddos with a festive stocking cutout, scissors, and some old magazines. Invite them to use the magazines to create a picture "wish list" on their stocking, cutting out images and pasting them onto the cutout. When finished, have your preschoolers identify the item they want the most by circling it, placing a star sticker next to it, or using another designation.

To add a literacy component, invite students to determine the beginning letter of their top wish, and make an alphabetical class wish list. For example, you might say, "Raise your hand if your top wish starts with an 'A'..." Call on each child who raises their hand, inviting them to share their wish, and writing it on the class list. Follow this same process for each letter until each child has had a chance to share what they want most for Christmas!

For a supply list and some other great Christmas craft ideas, be sure to visit La-La's Home Daycare!