"Look Whooooo's Here!" - Owl Themed Attendance Bulletin Board Idea

Preschool Classroom Management Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: mrslambsclass.blogspot.com

This owl themed attendance board from Mrs. Lamb at Views from Room 205 would make an adorable addition to any early childhood classroom! We love the color combination, the cutesy owl graphic, and the interactive quality of the board! Students are sure to love "checking in" each day on their way to their seat!

Owl Themed Attendance Board

  • Background: Natural butcher paper.
  • Title: "Look Whooooo's Here!"
  • Border: Try a layered look with a lime green dot trimmer {or thick satin ribbon, like we suspect Mrs. Lamb did!} and blue paisley border.
  • Decoration: Mrs. Lamb used Carson Dellosa's tree pop-its bulletin board set, but you could also create your own tree cutout. Simply find a clip art image online and use your classroom projector system to enlarge the image onto brown and green background paper. Create an apple template using card stock, using it to trace and cut apple shapes from red construction paper. Script student names or numbers onto the cutouts and attach them to the board with Velcro dots so that they can easily move them from the "apple basket" to the tree. You could also create the owl cutout yourself, enlarging a clip art image with your classroom projector system like the tree. There are lots of fabulous images online!

Supplies for this bulletin board...