It's Raining in Preschool Craft

While it does interrupt outside play time, rain can be a fascinating experience for your preschoolers. Where does it come from? Why does it have to rain? What are thunder and lightening? And the list of curious questions goes on and on. Most of the time, these inquiries are impromptu, derived more from the actual weather conditions than any lesson or unit of study. Next time it rains, have your answers and your supplies ready to make a day of it. Here's an excellent craft to supplement your reading and discussions!

Supplies You'll Need
- Contact paper
- Colorful scrapbook and art tissue paper
- Colorful ribbons
- Mailing tubes, empty wrapping paper tubes or paper towel tubes
- Aluminum foil
- Rice
- Unpopped popcorn
- Broom or long handled tool
- Hot glue gun How to Make a Rain Stick

  1. Provide each of your students with a sheet of contact paper. Place it sticky-side up on their desk, inviting them to use scraps of colorful papers, tissues, and ribbons to decorate it. Help them wrap their newly decorated contact paper around their tube.
  2. Roll a sheet of aluminum foil lengthwise, crushing it into a long cylinder. Wrap it around your broom handle or other tool to create a coil then slide it off, inserting it into the tube. Secure each end of the foil to the tube with masking tape or hot glue.
  3. Cap one end of the tube using hot glue to secure it, pour in rice and corn, then hot glue a cap on the other end. REMINDER: All hot gluing should be done by an adult.

Your students will be delighted with their 'rain makers'!

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