...It's Hard To Fix A Wrinkled Heart! - Bullying Prevention Display

{October is National Bullying Prevention Month so we thought we’d bring you some different designs that you could use in your classroom or even school-wide!}

Bullying Prevention Bulletin Board Idea

We've seen this idea floating around Pinterest and thought it would make a great craftivity and bulletin board to add to your beginning of the school year and/or bullying prevention lesson plans! The wrinkled heart and the hands-on demonstration that invites your kiddos to try to straighten the creases and wrinkles is a powerful visual that gets to the heart of the matter - our words have the power to hurt others and they can have a lasting effect. Therefore we have a great responsibility to choose our words carefully!

After the demonstration, invite students to personally connect with the lesson by pledging to be part of the solution - adding a band aid to the wrinkled heart and writing how they plan to help in the fight against bullying.

...It's Hard To Fix A Wrinkled Heart!

  • Background: Aqua bulletin board paper.
  • Title: Use the poem,

    Before you speak Think and be smart. It's hard to fix A Wrinkled Heart! --Author Unknown

    We liked the idea of setting the poem apart from the rest of the board with a simple heart cutout created from red or magenta bulletin board paper!
  • Border: Complimentary multi-colored bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Use your kiddos' heart craftivities! [NOTE: The band aids on the heart cutouts are a great place for your students to sign their names!]