Inspire A Generation - Summer Olympics Bulletin Board

Summer Olympics Bulletin Board Ideas
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If you're looking for some Olympic-inspired designs for a festive bulletin board, check out these awesome resources from Instant Display. From printable letters and banners to photo cards and posters, there are tons of great {FREE} ideas for your display!

  • 'Ringing' in the Olympic Games. Download and display the poster set explaining the meaning and origins of the Olympic rings.
  • Inspire A Generation: Our Students Have 'Olympic' Character. Download the cards displaying the seven Olympic values - friendship, respect, excellence, determination, courage, inspiration, and equality. Add gold medal cutouts with student names printed on them.
  • London Landmarks. Invite your kiddos to learn a little bit more about London, displaying pictures of famous landmarks as well as images of the 2012 Olympic Stadium.
  • A Myriad of Mascots. Download and display the mascot posters inviting your students to discover how the summer Olympic mascot has changed over the past 30 years.

For all of these fabulous printables, be sure to visit Instant Display!