Inexpensive Classroom Jewelry

Toddlers and preschoolers are fascinated with playing pretend. While most have great imaginations and can get along just fine without props, it can be fun to stretch their creativity by providing costumes, hats, masks, jewelry, and other objects for making their playtime more exciting. It can be especially fun to incorporate props that have been made by the students themselves. The creators of Artists Helping Children, have posted a simple necklace craft that is appropriate for all age groups and can liven up your pretend corner. Supplies You'll Need
- Colorful plastic straws
- Yarn or string
- Scissors for kids

If preparing the craft for younger children, cut straws into one-inch 'beads' ahead of time and sort them by color. Older children will be able to complete this task themselves. Instruct your students to string the straw beads onto the yarn, making colorful patterns, and determining their own necklace length. Encourage them to experiment with the straws to create unique 'beads' and pendants. Students will strengthen their fine motor skills, explore patterns, and enhance playtime with these simple crafts!

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