If one of your students told you that you were the worst teacher they have ever had, how would you respond?

Sample Answer: Being insulted is never fun, and that would definitely “sting”. I believe that I would counter their insult by letting the student know that I’m sorry they feel that way, and that I am doing my best to live up to their expectations. I think that dealing with a situation like that would need to be on a case-by-case basis and that my response to the student would be tempered by the type of relationship that I had with the student and the time and place that the comment was made. I believe that remaining in control and not losing my temper is the most important thing in instances like this.

Tip: School districts want to see that a teacher is able to handle unruly or rude students, as these types of students are found in every modern classroom. The interviewer wants to see above all that you can remain calm and in control in the face of adversity. This is important for maintaining control of the classroom.