If I Were President... - President's Day Bulletin Board

President's Day and Election Day Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Rachelle Davis

Great for President's Day or perhaps an election year, this display created by Rachelle Davis not only provides a festive holiday decoration for your classroom or hallway, but doubles as a fun writing activity for your students! We love the contrast of the student silhouettes on the colored construction paper and the writing paper, with the Presidential Seal, offers a fun and authentic element to your kiddos' prompts!

Presidential Silhouettes

There are two ways {that we know of} to create silhouettes...

  • {Old School Way}. Use a projector, casting each student's shadow on the wall, tracing the silhouette onto a piece of black paper with a white colored pencil, and cutting it out.
  • {More Technologically Advanced Way}. We found this tutorial, created by Julia of Everyday Mom Ideas, that shows how to use a free photo editing software to create silhouettes in 4 easy steps. If you're tech-savvy and don't have time to do more than take your students pictures during class time, you might want to check it out!

If I Were President...

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "If I Were President..."
  • Border: Patriotic trimmer.
  • Decoration: Once you've created a silhouette for each of your students, glue them to pieces of colored construction paper - red, white, or blue. As they dry, mount each student's writing prompt/paper to a piece of black construction paper and attach the pages to the bottom of the appropriate silhouette. Arrange the finished prompts on the bulletin board in the color pattern - red, white, blue, red, white, etc. [NOTE: Once they've penned their final draft onto the provided prompt paper, students can assemble the silhouette craftivity so all you'll have to do is arrange them onto the bulletin board!]

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