"I Scream, You Scream..." Ice Cream Cone Craft & Display

Ice Cream Cone Craft for Kids

Ice cream is an excellent summer theme and, in preparation for their special visit from the 'ice cream man', the pre-k kiddos at All About Children childcare center crafted ice cream cones for a classroom display!


Ice cream cone template

Construction paper in assorted 'ice cream' colors


Craft glue



Assembling the Cone

Step 1

Provide students with pre-traced ice cream cones, scoops of ice cream, and cherries to cut out {as the teachers at AAC did} or offer card stock templates for your crafters to trace onto construction paper and cut out.

Once all of their pieces are cut, invite them to use craft glue to assemble the cone!

Step 2

As a finishing touch, provide students with a handful of sprinkles to add to the top scoop of ice cream. Have your kiddos apply a thin layer of glue to the scoop using a q-tip or add a number of small dots of glue to the cutout, then carefully drop the sprinkles onto the wet adhesive.

Finished Ice Cream Cone Craft

A few crafting notes...

  • All Kids Network has a great ice cream cone template!
  • For more variation in the cones, have students use construction paper to create scoops of their favorite ice cream... or invent new flavors!

Ice Cream Cone Display

If you have space, the ice cream cones make a cute wall or door display!

Ice Cream Cone Display

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