How would you describe your teaching philosophy?

Sample Answer: My teaching philosophy is simple. I use a hands-on technique and am approachable to my students. I incorporate fun into my lessons when possible. And while my easy-going style is suitable for many subjects and grades, I am also able to adapt my style to the needs of the student. For instance, if I have students that are not comfortable with independent learning, I employ the facilitator style of teaching that calls for a student-centered learning approach. My colleagues generally say that I am fun but tough, and I think their assessment is accurate.

Tip: The response to this question will vary from teacher to teacher. Be honest about your teaching style, but be sure to indicate that you are able to adopt a variety of different styles of teaching when they are suitable to a particular situation and to meet the needs of the students. This allows the interviewer to see that you are capable of handling a vast array of situations and students and that you have a range of different skills that you can draw from when needed. This makes you more appealing for a variety of different openings within the district.