How To Catch A Turkey! - Thanksgiving Activity & Bulletin Board

How To Catch A Turkey Sequencing Activity and Bulletin Board

Combining a group activity with a festive bulletin board display, if you're looking for any last minute holiday decorations, this cute idea is something you might consider!

Collaborative Sequencing Activity

Divide your kiddos into small groups and invite them to brainstorm as well as write out the final process they would use to catch a turkey. While you can have them use any format you'd like, we chose the common 'first, next, then, last' approach.

As groups, invite students take turns sharing their ideas with the class and, at the end of the presentations, have your kiddos vote on which process they think would work the best. Display this process on the signs made for your bulletin board!

How To Catch A Turkey!

  • Background: Aqua bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "How To Catch A Turkey!"
  • Border: Complimentary patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Turkey. Find the clip art image of a running turkey and use your classroom projector system to enlarge and trace the turkey shape onto brown background paper. Cut out the shape - creating a silhouette - and affix it to the center of the bulletin board. 2) The Sequencing Signs. We found this super cute free border (we can't remember where and desperately want to give credit for it so if you're the designer, or you know who is, please let us know so we can link to the source!) and used it, along with brightly colored paper, to make signs. Simply use a black permanent marker to write the steps onto each sign. [NOTE: You could also laminate the signs and write on them with dry erase markers - that way you can use them again and again!] 3) The Sequence Labels. While you can create your own, we liked the paisley accents that matched the border used in the design and thought they worked great as labels! They just add an extra pop of color. To use, we suggest laminating and writing on them with dry erase markers so, once again, you can use the accents again on another bulletin board.