Hand Print Calendar: June

summer calendar page featuring hand print strawberry and picnic poem

{Looking for a fun way to review the days of the week and months of the year? Try this hand print calendar! Students are sure to love the “hands on” artwork as well as the special poem for each month. If completed before the holidays, this makes a spectacular (and functional!) Christmas gift for mom and dad!}


June brings the transition from spring to summer - sunny skies, warm temperatures, picnics, swimming, and much more! Add a little summer fun to your calendar with a hand print strawberry and a poem about picnics!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Red, green, and black tempera paint
  • White construction paper

How To Make A Hand Print Strawberry

hand print strawberry and picnic poem

Help your students paint both of their hands with red tempera paint.

hand painted with red craft paint

Invite them to press one hand to the paper (palm at the top of the paper and fingers angled slightly inward). Have them make a second print with the other hand, following the same procedure, to complete the strawberry shape.

hand print strawberry

When dry, have students use their finger to create a stem from green craft paint and add little black fingerprints to the strawberry shape to create seeds.

finished hand print strawberry

The Poem


  • Picnics are a lot of fun.
  • In the nice, warm summer sun.
  • We can bring good things to eat.
  • Strawberries, what a treat!
  • Picnics are a lot of fun.
  • Come on now, let's go on one!

~ Author Unknown {found via The Virtual Vine}

Invite the students to glue their poem next to the hand print strawberry and add it to their calendar artwork!