Hand Print Calendar: April

homemade calendar with yellow hand print chick{Looking for a fun way to review the days of the week and months of the year? Try this hand print calendar! Students are sure to love the “hands on” artwork as well as the special poem for each month. If completed before the holidays, this makes a spectacular (and functional!) Christmas gift for mom and dad!}


While the official first day of spring comes the end of March, it seems that the true, physical signs of spring burst forth in April. Along with warmer temperatures and new life (and soggy rains of course!), April is also the month in which Easter is celebrated. Commemorate both of these events with a cute and quirky hand print chick on your homemade calendar!

Supplies You'll Need

How To Make A Hand Print Chick

april calendar featuring hand print chick

Help your students paint their entire hand with yellow craft paint

hand painted with yellow paint

Invite your students to press their painted hand firmly to the pink construction paper, creating a print. Continue making prints until you reach the number of desired chicks.

Two yellow hand prints on pink construction paper

When the paint has dried, use a black marker to create eyes, feet, and the outline of wings. Add a small fingerprint of orange paint to create a beak.

yellow hand print chickens on pink construction paper

The Poem

Baby Chick

  • Peck, peck, peck
  • On the warm, brown egg.
  • Out comes a neck.
  • Out comes a leg.
  • How does a chick,
  • Who's not been about,
  • Discover the trick
  • Of how to get out?

Print the poem onto card stock and invite your students to mount it on the left side of their calendar page (opposite the chicks). Not only are chicks a great representation of Easter, they also help symbolize the growth and new life of spring!