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Patriotic Classroom Behavior Management Bulletin Board
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If you're stuck for ideas on classroom and behavior management, be sure to check out this bulletin board display from Jennifer, first grade teacher and former Scholastic blogger. Taking on a patriotic theme {and offering a great segue into a social studies unit on citizenship!}, students are invited to practice good citizenship by following classroom rules, going above and beyond what is expected, and accepting the consequences for poor choices. In a series of posts, Jennifer offers a complete write-up of her "good citizenship" behavior plan for fellow teachers to use, tweak, and improve in their classroom.

Here are a few things to think about {and have handy!} when completing your own board:

  • Classroom rules/behavioral expectations
  • Consequences for improper classroom behavior {Jennifer planned for five infractions}
  • Behaviors considered "above and beyond" that warrant an award

Good Citizenship Bulletin Board

  • Background: It looks like Jennifer made use of some "patriotic" fabric with a navy blue background and red/white stars in the foreground. You might consider visiting your local craft store to find a similar style or using a complimentary solid color background paper like navy blue or red.
  • Title: Jennifer doesn't have an overall heading, but you might use "A Classroom of Good Citizens", "Responsible Citizens", or "Good Citizenship".
  • Border: Patriotic trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Citizenship Code. Jennifer used word processing software to type and print relevant documents for this board - classroom rules, consequences, and how to earn extra stars. She mounted the rules and consequences onto a large store-bought patriotic chart, but you could easily create your own border for each document with construction paper, craft paint, or word processing software. 2) The Misbehavior Tracking System. Dividing library pockets in half, Jennifer used word processing software to print and label each side with a student's name. She also took a large package of craft sticks and drew a sad face at one end of each. When a student was observed breaking a classroom rule of conduct, a craft stick was placed in their side of the library pocket. Each craft stick also coincided with a consequence, which could be found listed on the consequences poster. 3) The Good Behavior Tracking System. Jennifer used old cutouts and stickers to track student progress. You might also consider having students assemble a flag as they collect good behavior points. Each child starts with a white rectangle, adding red stripes, then a blue rectangle, and finally silver star stickers for every day without an infraction as well as observed good deeds until their star craft is complete. Once complete, students will then earn a trip to the treasure chest, receive an award, etc. While you won't start with a lot of color, it can be fun for students to see their flag forming as they strive to be good classroom citizens. 4) The Embellishments. Jennifer purchased a patriotic bulletin board set, complete with Pledge of allegiance, large flag cutout, etc. You might consider creating several patriotic items of your own to fill in empty spaces as well.

We think this classroom management system and bulletin board are perfect for the early childhood setting! It provides a brilliant representation of how we, as citizens of the republic, interact with the government and are very much responsible for our own behavior.

[NOTE: Once again, for clarification on the "good citizenship" behavior plan/process, be sure to visit Jennifer's blog - Inside Jennifer's 1st Grade Classroom!]

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