Gone Fishin' - Fishy Activities for Preschool

Pond or Ocean Kids Craft Preschool Lesson
Photo Source: strongstart.blogspot.com

We loved these 'fishy' activities from Maureen at StrongStart and had to share! They'd go 'swimmingly' with a summer pond or ocean unit...

Painting with Fishing Poles {pictured at right}

What a fantastic way to improve both fine and gross motor skills - and, of course, explore a unique method of painting. Suit up your kiddos in art smocks, tie a rubber or plastic ocean creature to the string of a fishing pole, and get ready for some slippery, swishy painting! [NOTE: Consider shortening the string on the 'painting poles' so little arms don't get so tired holding the fishing rod above their heads/your students have more control, or have them stand to create.]

Mini Magnet Fishing

Maureen used scraps of colorful bulletin board borders to create mini fishing ponds filled with fun {magnetic} sea creatures. Have your kiddos fish for pure enjoyment {and to hone fine/gross motor skills} or include a literacy or math component for continued learning. For example...

  • Practice Spelling Sight Words. Create letter labels from round white stickers, placing one onto each sea creature, then set out a stack of sight word cards. Invite your kiddos to 'fish for sight words' by choosing a sight word card, then checking the letters on their 'catch', either placing it next to the letter on the card if it matches or tossing it back if it doesn't.
  • Practice Matching Upper & Lower Case Letters. Script upper case letters onto round white labels, placing them on the sea creatures. Provide students with lower case letter cards and have them match each of their 'catches' to the appropriate card.
  • Counting Practice. Script numbers onto round white labels, sticking them to the sea creatures. Provide your kiddos with dotted counting cards, inviting them to match the numerals to the card with the correct number of dots.
  • Practice Simple Addition. Set out cards with simple addition {or subtraction} problems, placing a sea creature with the correct answer scripted onto a round white dot into the pond/ocean. Have your students fish for the correct answer, matching each sea creature to the appropriate card.
  • The list could go on and on!