"Give Thanks!" Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Idea

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Idea

Melanie Crownover, creator of ewe hooo! and talented parent volunteer at Blankner K-8 in Orlando, created this vibrant bulletin board for Thanksgiving. Gorgeous, right!? We love the modern shape of the trees, the texture created by all the layers and mixed media, and the simplicity of the overall design!

Give Thanks!

  • Background: Melanie covered the entire board with white background paper, using craft paint to create the skyscape, and several painted pieces of white bulletin board paper, shaped with scissors to look like hills, to create the landscape.
  • Title: "Give Thanks!" - Because it is so simple, we love how Melanie set the title apart using handcrafted banners.
  • Border: Complimentary solid colored trimmer.
  • Decoration: The bulletin board is so rich in color and texture that it seems as if there's more going on than fall trees - but that's not the case! To create the trees, cut circles of various sizes out of scraps of fall colored bulletin board paper (i.e. brown, red, orange, and yellow), then freehand trunks and branches from the brown bulletin board paper. Once the trees are assembled, add paper leaves. We suggest cutting simple leaf shapes from newspaper, then using markers and a spray bottle of water to create colorful watercolor leaves!