Fun with Cloud Jars!

Spring Weather Science Experiment for Kids and Preschool Lesson Plan
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We've seen these 'cloud jars' all over Pinterest and around the blogging community {we found these at Teach Preschool}, and thought they would make a lovely compliment to your spring science center activities! They're super simple to create and offer an up-close look at how clouds collect moisture that turns into rain {or other types of precipitation} and falls to the ground. It also provides a fun opportunity for discussing the different types of clouds - perhaps you might start the experiment out by showing students pictures of various clouds and inviting them to determine which is the best match for their shaving cream 'cloud'.

We love how Deborah let the experiment unfold naturally - extending the exploration to table top clouds! For pictures of the process, suggestions for completing the experiment, and an unexpected art extension, be sure to read Deborah's full post over at Teach Preschool!