Frying Up Great Readers! - Elementary Literacy Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary Literacy Bulletin Board Idea
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We just LOVE the bright colors and theme of this fabulous elementary literacy bulletin board designed by Jennifer, first grade teacher and creator of the blog, First Grade Blue Skies! The eclectic lettering lends a fun, whimsical feel, the McDonald's french fry containers are recognizable and eye catching, and the color scheme is sure to brighten up any early childhood classroom!

Frying Up Great Readers

  • Background: Purple background paper.
  • Title: "Frying Up Great Readers!"
  • Border: Jennifer used two different green patterned trimmers.
  • Decoration: Collect a McDonald's french fry container for each student in the class. [NOTE: You may be lucky enough to get them donated from your local restaurant if you let them know what your plan is. It never hurts to ask!] Attach these around the bulletin board, scripting a student's name under each. Create "french fries" from yellow card stock/construction paper, painted craft sticks, etc, placing these in a pail, envelope, or box for students to access throughout the year as they finish both required and recreational reading. After completing each book, have students script the title onto a french fry and place it in their container. They'll love seeing their progress!

Supplies for this bulletin board...

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