FREE Pizza Fraction Activity & Craft!

Photo Source: Finally in First

Fractions can often be a difficult concept for students to grasp. Jenn over at Finally in First was finding that her kiddos needed a little reinforcment working with fourths/quarters and so she created this fun pizza fraction craftivity.

Activity Prep

Jenn prepared a brown crust cutout and yellow cheese cutout, as well as 1 1/2" x 12" strips of red, green, black, and light brown paper for each student.

Completing the Activity

Photo Source: Finally in First
  • First, Jenn invited her students to cut out and assemble the crust and cheese.
  • Next, she demonstrated how to cut the toppings from the strips of construction paper. [NOTE: In her FREE activity packet, Jenn details how she cut each of the toppings as well as how she describes the process for her kiddos!]
  • Then, once the pizzas are fully assembled and dried, Jenn has her students cut their pizza into four equal pieces and paste them onto a piece on construction paper.
  • Finally, they complete the writing prompt...

    "My pizza is divided into ___________ (fourths) which are also called ___________ (quarters)."

    ...and, once completed, the prompt paper is glued to the craft! [NOTE: The prompt paper is included in the FREE activity packet!]

We think this is a great way to help reinforce some of those tricky concepts! To grab a copy of this great math craftivity freebie, be sure to visit Finally in First!