100th Day of School, 100 Days Smarter - Crown Craft for Kids

100 Days Smarter Crowns - Craft for Kids
Photo Source: Welcome to Room 36!

Start your 100th Day of School party by creating these super cute "100 Days Smarter" crowns with your kiddos. The idea was featured by Jessica of Welcome to Room 36! and is sure to be a hit with any Kindergarten or 1st Grade class!

100 Days Smarter Crowns

Each student will need a band of construction paper to form the base of the crown, along with 10 skinnier strips cut from assorted color construction paper. The strips can be decorated any number of ways, just as long as there is 10 of something on each strip!

  • Use finger paint to create fingerprints on each strip.
  • Create circles on each strip using dot painters.
  • Place stickers on each strip.
  • Use foam shapes.
  • Create shapes using glue and glitter.
  • Use stencils to trace pictures or letters onto each strip.
  • Or use a combination of these ideas!
Craft for Kids, 100 Days Smarter Crowns
Photo Source: Welcome to Room 36!

Once the strips have had a chance to completely dry, glue them to the top of the band and glue a "100 Days Smarter" label to the middle of the band (and over top of the strips for extra support). Size to each child's head and your crowns are complete!

Jessica has an incredible assortment of ideas for you to check out, so be sure to visit Welcome to Room 36!

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