Easter Cross - Watercolor Craft for Kids

Watercolor Easter Cross Craft
Photo Source: Apples & ABC's

Can you believe Easter is less than a week away? If you're looking for a last minute craft to complete with your kiddos this Easter, check out this colorful watercolor cross featured by Michelle over at Apples & ABC's!

Easter Cross Watercolor Craft

Supplies You'll Need:

White construction paper (9" x 12")

Painter's tape

Black crayons

Watercolor paint

Paint brushes

Provide each student with a piece of white construction paper and a length of painter's tape. Have them tear the tape so one length is shorter than the other and place both pieces of tape on the paper to create a cross.

Watercolor Easter Cross Craft Step 1
Photo Source: Apples & ABC's

Next, in the bottom right hand corner of the page have your students write "Jesus is Alive!" in crayon (we would recommend a black crayon so it shows up well against the watercolor paint).

Watercolor Easter Cross Craft Step 2
Photo Source: Apples & ABC's

Then instruct them to paint the entire page using watercolor paint. Allow them to be creative! As long as the entire page is painted, they can choose whatever design they'd like.

Watercolor Easter Cross Craft Step 3
Photo Source: Apples & ABC's

Once the painting is complete, allow the pictures to dry before peeling off the tape.

Watercolor Easter Cross Craft Step 4
Photo Source: Apples & ABC's

Hang the completed works of art around your classroom for a colorful Easter display proclaiming the true meaning of Easter! And be sure to check out Michelle's additional Easter ideas when you stop by Apples & ABC's!

Watercolor Easter Cross Craft Classroom Display
Photo Source: Apples & ABC's

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