St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Craftivity with FREE Writing Prompt Worksheets

Rainbow Craftivity for Kids
Photo Source: The Bubbly Blonde

St. Patrick's Day festivities would not be complete without a brightly colored rainbow! The rainbow craftivity featured on The Bubbly Blonde is sure to be a hit with your kiddos. So break out the crayons and the fruit loops and let's get started!


Rainbow pattern

White construction paper clouds

Black construction paper pots

Yellow construction paper coins


Fruit Loops


Cotton balls or coffee filters

Rainbow Craftivity

Provide each student with a rainbow pattern copied onto white paper. They will each also need a white cloud, a black pot and several yellow coins. Depending on the age of your kiddos, you could have these already cut out for them, or you could provide them with a template to trace and cut out themselves. Alisha provides links to patterns for the rainbow, the cloud and the pot on her site here.

With supplies in hand, talk about the colors of the rainbow as a class and then turn them loose to color in their rainbows with crayon. Once the coloring is finished, have them glue their white cloud to one end of the rainbow and the block pot and yellow coins to the other end.

Next, provide each child with a collection of fruit loops and have them sort the cereal by color. After they've completed sorting the fruit loops, instruct your kiddos to glue them onto their rainbows by color. The spacing of the fruit loops is up to the students. You may want to provide an example of each so they can decide how they want their finished rainbow to look!

Rainbow Craftivity for Kids in Action
Photo Source: The Bubbly Blonde

The final step in the rainbow craftivity is to add a little 'life' to the cloud. This can be done by gluing on cotton balls or coffee filters, whichever you have handy!

St. Patrick's Day Writing Prompts

Along with the super cute rainbow craftivity, Alisha provides 4 different (and FREE) writing prompt worksheets you can use to complete your St. Patrick's Day lesson! Be sure to stop by her site to get your free copies. Here are 2 examples:

A Rainbow Is...Worksheet for Kids
Photo Source: The Bubbly Blonde
If I Saw a Rainbow Worksheet for Kids
Photo Source: The Bubbly Blonde

How cute would it be to have your students complete different worksheets. Then use their creative writing along with their rainbows to create a St. Patrick's Day bulletin board display!

Be sure to stop by The Bubbly Blonde soon! Alisha has put together an incredible collection of ideas you will definitely want to check out!!