Football Helmets - Correlation Between Helmet Air Pressure and Force of Impact

6th, 7th and 8th Sports Science Fair Project
Photo © 2009 Ed Yourdon, Flickr

Perusing for cool science fair project ideas, we stumbled upon Selah School District's Science Fair information page. Not only do they have a collection of great resources for research and project development, they offer an 'inspiration gallery' of sorts that features high scoring projects from previous years. Check out this football themed project designed by seventh grade athlete, Camdon. After winning the championship game, Camdon looked back on the season of hard hits and wondered if there was a possibility that his brain could have been adversely affected. He decided to experiment with his football helmet to find out which air pressure setting worked best to displace and protect against the force of impact. For those of you who are sports enthusiasts, this project would give you a chance to partner your interests with a highly talked about topic - how to protect athletes from injury! For the full project details, a list of materials, and project conclusions, be sure to visit Camdon's project page at Selah!