Felt Heart Craft for Valentine's Day

Annie Moffatt of The Moffatt Girls not only has the cutest kiddos, she also comes up with some of the cutest crafts, worksheets, and lessons! Seriously, if you haven't visited her site, please do! You are sure to find the resources she shares inspiring!

Felt Heart Craft
Photo Source: The Moffatt Girls>

We love this super easy and fun felt heart craft (or as she calls it, a 'Valentine cuddly'!) that would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift!


felt sheets

single hole punch


plastic needle {optional}

quilt batting

heart buttons

craft glue

Creating the Valentine Cuddly

Making the Valentine Cuddly
Photo Source: The Moffatt Girls

Begin by cutting two large hearts from sheets of felt and using a hole punch to create holes around the outside edge of the hearts. Cut a long length of yarn, tying a knot on one end and threading it through the holes, effectively lacing the two hearts together. Start at the top and work your way around. That way, when finished, the two ends can be tied together in a pretty bow at the top of the heart. [NOTE: The holes should be big enough to allow students to thread the yarn without the help of a plastic needle, but you might consider having them on hand in the event a student is having trouble!]

Photo Source: The Moffatt Girls

Before closing the hearts completely, stuff the 'pocket' with a little bit of quilt batting to give it shape.

Finished Craft
Photo Source: The Moffatt Girls

Tie the yarn in a bow, then add decorations to the front of the heart! Annie and her kiddos created a little heart 'cuddly' with heart button eyes and nose. You could also use sequins, gems, or more even yarn to spell out the word "LOVE", etc!

Super cute, right?! Be sure to visit The Moffatt Girls for this and other great activity ideas!