Fantastic - Flower FUN!

Spring or Summer Flower I-Spy Preschool Lesson
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If the weather in your area has been anything like Northeast Ohio, you haven't had to spend too much any time watering the flower beds, hanging baskets, or garden in your backyard or schoolyard. But if you happen to be able to unearth some 'un-drowned' blossoms, we stumbled across some utterly fantastic flower activities at Katherine Marie Photography that would make a great addition to your spring or flower/botany lessons! Here are a few of our favorites!

I-Spy with Flowers. {Pictured above in Katherine's stunning style!} Collect several glass vases, small toys/items, potting soil, and, of course, some colorful blossoms. As you arrange the flowers, 'hide' the collected items in and on the soil, in the flowers, and anywhere else you can fit them. As your kiddos play, have them describe the item spied, thinking about colors, locations, unique attributes, etc. until their classmates guess which object they've located.

Flower Math. Katherine provides two fun options for your kiddos to try. The first is a daisy math puzzle. Students are challenged to recognize the numeral in the center of each flower, then count and paste the correct number of petals around it. In the second activity, students use spoon flowers and Styrofoam blocks, solving simple word problems or practicing numeral recognition in order to 'plant' the correct number of flowers in their garden.

Head on over to Katherine Marie's site for these and other fantastic flower projects {you don't want to miss the adorable arts/crafts ideas or flower sight word game!} - your kiddos will have a blast!