Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Door Display

Dr Seuss The Lorax Door Display and Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: missloviecreations.blogspot.com

The elusive Once-ler. Colorful Truffula trees. Kiddos dressed up like the Lorax. How stinking cute is this vibrant bulletin board designed by Allie over at Miss Lovie?! If you haven't settled on the perfect decorations for Dr. Seuss' birthday/Read Across America, you might consider adding this to the list of possibilities. Not only is it super colorful and fun, it also provides the opportunity for a hilariously wacky photo shoot and craft time with your kiddos!

The Lorax Door Display

  • Background: Cover the top quarter of the bulletin board with light blue bulletin board paper and the rest with green bulletin board paper. Shape the top of the green paper to look like 'hills of grass' on the 'horizon', using black marker to outline/add detailing to the landscape - i.e. tufts of grass, etc.
  • Title: "The Lorax" - We love how Allie freehanded the lettering and added it to a colorful cutout! If you don't trust your freehand, you might consider downloading one of these cool Dr. Seuss fonts, printing the title onto construction paper, and cutting the letters out. Or, of course, traditional lettering will also look great!
  • Border: None needed.
  • Decoration: 1) The Once-ler and Lorax. Find clip art images online, using your classroom projector system to enlarge and trace the characters onto construction paper. Outline and add detailing to the cutouts using black marker. Do note that if you want the Lorax to "pop" out of the Truffula tree, you'll have to add a sturdier backing to the cutout. 2) The Truffula tree. While you can certainly find a clip art image to enlarge, trace, and assemble, it might be easier to simply freehand the tree. The best part about Seuss-inspired illustrations is that they're all a bit wonky and do not require a precise hand! Cut the tree pieces from background paper and, once again, use black marker to outline the cutout/add detailing as desired. 3) The Little Loraxes. Allie provides an amazing picture tutorial on how to create your own little loraxes to decorate the landscape! Be sure to visit her blog for the details!